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Fire Insurance

Fire insurance is a type of contract between the insurer and the insured in which the insurer promises to cover the costs of damages and losses caused by a fire. In exchange for a yearly payment, the insurance assists the insured in covering the risk of property damage due to unintentional fires.

It takes a lifetime to establish commercial and personal assets such as your home, office, store, and factory, but any tragedy, such as a fire, can ruin your home, company premises, and factory. Fire insurance, thus, to some extent reduces fire financial losses. Each company requires fire insurance coverage irrespective of its size. The firm maintains its key papers, records, and assets in every office. Therefore, fire insurance is necessary to safeguard you from loss or damage. It is also advisable to get the fire insurance done by the Export-Import business Houses along with Marin Insurance. Goods being imported or exported might also catch fire due to an accident in the ships.

Getting Fire Insurance and Marine Insurance may help to save you from expected losses that may occur due to unanticipated situations like natural calamities.

Key Benefits
  • It provides comprehensive coverage for your property.
  • You may customize the cover with a variety of add-ons.
  • Allows you to choose the options that are important to you.
  • There are options such as Floater Policy, Declaration Policy, and Floater Declaration Policy.
  • Discounts on long-term plans for “dwellings” are available.
  • If you eliminate the covers you don’t need, you can get a discount.
  • Discounts are available for those who have had a positive claims experience.
  • Discounts for risk mitigation measures such as the installation of fire extinguishing equipment
Property subject to this policy shall include:
  • Risks in the industrial/manufacturing sector
  • Dwellings, offices, hotels, stores, and other property located outside of industrial/manufacturing risk compounds
  • Utilities
  • Storage dangers
  • Tank farms and gas storage facilities
The following hazards are covered by the Standard Fire Policy:
  • Fire
  • Burst / Implosion
  • Damage to aircraft
  • An upheaval, strikes, and destruction
  • Storms, cyclones, typhoons, storms, tornadoes, floods, storms, and floods
  • Damage to impact
  • Subsidence and slacking, including sliding rock – destruction, building, structural changes, or repair or excavation of any property or land work
  • Water tanks, devices, and pipes bursting and/or spilling
  • Operations for missile testing
  • The loss or destruction or harm excluded from automated sprinkler installations;
  • Bush Shooting
  • Up to 3% of claims are paid for architects, surveyors, and consulting engineers


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