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Advance Authorization

Advance Authorization is a scheme under which exporters are allowed to import tax-free raw material and other inputs required to make finished goods for the purpose of exporting. With Subject to certain conditions, The raw materials and other inputs which are imported under the advance authorization scheme are exempted from additional customs duty, basic customs duty, education cess, anti-dumping duty, and integrated tax.

Advance Authorisation’s objective is to offer duty-free imports of raw materials and other inputs for the export production with an added clause that the imported duty-free materials must be used for the export production only. This scheme also allows for the import of fuel, oil, and catalysts that are utilized in the manufacturing process of export products.

  • Under Advance Authorisation Scheme, Both manufacturers, who are directly manufacturing goods for export purposes and the merchant exporter with supporting manufacturing are eligible.
  • The Advance Authorization license is issued based on the standard input-output norm which determines the quantity of input required to produce a unit of the export product
  • Only the manufacturer exporter will be eligible to import pharmaceutical items made in a non-infringing procedure.
  • The holder of the Advance Authorisation license must meet the Export Obligation that comes with it.
  • ACCURATE INFORMATION: We assist you by providing you with accurate information on the Advance Authorization Scheme’s advantages and obligations.
  • CERTIFICATES AND DOCUMENTS: We assist in the completion of procedural requirements and paperwork, such as forms, declarations, and certifications, as well as their submission to the Director General of Foreign Trade (DGFT).
  • FOLLOW UP WITH DGFT OFFICIALS: We follow up with the DGFT Authorities and write responses to all of the questions and flaws highlighted in order to obtain the Advance Authorisation as soon as possible.
  • POST-CERTIFICATION SUPPORT: We assist you in achieving post-Advance Authorization compliance by keeping track of export performance and obligations.
Along with Advanced Authorisation, we also offer EPCG authorisation, MEIS Authorization, SEIS Authorization under one roof.


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