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MEIS Authorization

MEIS Authorization (Merchant Export From India) is one of the export promotion schemes launched under the Foreign trade policy of India. MEIS provides incentives for exporting goods which are manufactured or produced in India. These MEIS incentives are for items that are commonly exported from India, intending to increase the competitiveness of Indian exports. Only items that are notified for the scheme’s purposes are covered under the MEIS Scheme. The goal of the initiative is to encourage the production and export of India-recognized goods/products. The exporter’s reward is a % incentive for the export FOB value. The percentage is determined by DGFT for various notified items in accordance with the appropriate ITC(HS) codes in Appendix 3B.

MEIS Authorization for E-commerce Products
Products that are eligible for the MEIS scheme through E-commerce
  • Handicrafts products
  • Handlooms items
  • Books and Periodicals
  • Leather footwear
  • Toys
  • Customized Fashion Clothing
The limit for this category is Rs. 25,000 per consignment. MEIS shall only apply to FOB value by consignment, up to Rs. 25000.

Over the years we have acquired extensive knowledge in DGFT Consultancy Services and offer customs consulting and services connected to DGFT. At the most affordable costs, we offer highly trustworthy service. We are aiming to offer all necessary services under one roof to the exporter. The following are included in our MEIS license services:
  • Preparation of documentation to provide a smooth procedure and an easy-to-complete application.
  • Preparing and submitting online applications for the scheme, as well as acquiring a DGFT license.
  • Assisting with the license registration at Customs. And then there’s the sale to the buyer who’s interested.
  • Assistance in preparing papers for the transfer of a license to a qualified buyer through a sale or the purchase of a license from a seller.
  • Assist the exporter in determining if their product and the nation to which it is exported are qualified for the incentive.
  • For successful compliance, customers are kept informed of regular policy modifications to the Foreign Trade Policy’s rules and regulations.
Along with MEIS Authorization, we also offer EPCG authorization, Advanced Authorization, SEIS Authorization under one roof.


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