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SEIS Authorization

SEIS Authorization (Service Exports from India Scheme) attempts to encourage service exports from India by giving duty scrip credit. Under the SEIS Authorization Scheme, service providers based in India will be rewarded for any qualified services exported from the country. The government gives qualifying exporters Duty Credit Scrips equivalent to the net foreign exchange earned as part of the Service Exports from India Scheme (SEIS Scheme).

SEIS Authorization is an incentive program established by India’s Foreign Trade Policy (FTP) (2015-2020). It was previously known as the FTP’s Served from India scheme (2009-2014). Incentive schemes are systems that allow exporters to get duty credit under certain conditions.

SEIS’s fundamental goal is to promote the export of recognized services from India. Under the SEIS, service providers of recognized services in India would be rewarded. This scheme applies to services exported on or after April 1, 2015.

SEIS duty credit scrips are freely transferable, which means they can be sold in the market if the possessor does not plan to import services against them.

These scrips can be used to pay Basic Customs Duty on commodities, including notified capital goods, when they are imported.

Eligible Service Providers
A service provider located in India who provides notified services in a prescribed way is entitled to reward at the notified rate(s) on net foreign exchange earned if the service provider’s net free foreign exchange earnings in the financial year are:
  • Individual service providers and sole proprietorships are eligible for a $10,000 tax credit.
  • Other service providers will get a payment of $15,000 USD.
Only a person who is both a manufacturer and a service provider must account for net foreign exchange profits from services. The reward varies from 3% to 10% of the net foreign exchange gained under this scheme.

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  • Assistance in preparing papers for the transfer of a license to a qualified buyer through a sale or the purchase of a license from a seller.
  • Assist the exporter in determining if their product and the nation to which it is exported are qualified for the incentive.
  • For successful compliance, customers are kept informed of regular policy modifications to the Foreign Trade Policies rules and regulations.
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